Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Party at the Howards

Brenda sent some snapshots she took about 1991 or '92 of a party on the porch

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Squeeze Box Gifts

Suggestions for the accordion-playing Hobos on your list:

This gift, although perfect, costs over $200.
Should have bought some when they were new.

A Japanese woodblock would be nice too

Old sheet music

A framed cartoon

Everybody would probably appreciate an Accordion Babes calendar

Click here:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pirated Photos

Steve has posted some photos of Dalton on his Flickr page.

Emily, a fellow guard

Click on this link to see his page of Friends and Family
Click on the photo
Then right click (if you have a PC)
and you will get a choice of sizes.
Click on large, right click to save it and you can print it if you like.

Hobos at the Museum

Thanks to Steve.

Zydeco Tougeau

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Murals at Liberty Hall

When the Millsteins and Oldfather partnership renovated the Opera House in the 1980s they commissioned several artists and craftsman to decorate the interior.

Several artists painted the interior murals of what was renamed Liberty Hall.

Dennis Helms did most of the work visible in the theater.

The saturn imagery was designed by Tamara Brown. It appears on the ceilings and in the carpet.

It's difficult to know which paintings Dalton did. Tommee writes:
 I remember going in there while all that work was being done.  I don’t know what all Dalton did in there, but yes, he did work on the ceiling in the theater. The day I was in there there was a big scaffold set up and Dalton was up there working.
Sort of like Michaelangelo. Isn't that area called the proscenium arch?

Maybe the starry nebulae in the balcony...

and right over the stage...

The doorway to the Little Theater

The clouds in the banquet room?
Dalton and Bryan did the interior of a Mexican restaurant on Massachusetts in the '80s, but it didn't last long and the murals were painted over.

See a story about Liberty Hall and a short slide show of the interior at the Kansan website:

Newspapers in the 1920s on the sidewalk

and an article on the building's history

See Andy Curry's website with a history of the bands he's played in including the Billy Spears Band and this 1976 photo.

A building history (not fact checked) The current building is on the site a building remodeled in 1882 by J. D. Bowersock as the Bowersock Opera House. He'd built the dam and owned the powerhouse by the river---Rebuilt in 1911 after a fire and reopened as the Bowersock Opera House in 1912. In the 1930-50s it was the Jayhawker Theater.

 In the 1960s the basement was the Catacombs, an atmospheric bar. In 1965 the theater opened as the Red Dog Inn, and for awhile it was a disco called Bugsy's. When the Millsteins and Charlie Oldfather bought it it had been abandoned for awhile. Susan said there was a year-old cake on the piano.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vinland Fair

The Vinland Fair's been going on for over 100 years. The Hobos played at a good many of those.
It was everybody's favorite gig.

Fair Buttons
The Seamster's Union makes about 40 pies.
Piemakers in 1990

Sometimes a pie has your name on it.

There were always fresh tomatoes and pie for dinner on Thursdays, plus Hood's famous burgers featuring meat and non-meat.

Selected Hobos also barbecued chicken for dinner for a while,
but vegetarians and people concerned
about the proper cooking temperature of chicken
put a stop to that multitasking.


Kids played in the talent show.
The Hobos had graduated from talent to main feature.

The kids walk in the pet parade and unwary adults are asked to judge the pet parade.
About 1950

For the last few years Joanne's been blogging from the Fair. Click here:

The Smith/Hemphill sisters by Mike Yoder
Mike Yoder's published a picture book of the Fair.
Buy the book here:
See his photos for the Journal World here

Cooks 1990
Piemakers 2009
See Angie Babbit's photos by clicking here: