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Nu Grape

The NuGrape song is a Hobo crowd pleaser

A mysterious mix of tune and lyrics that never match up, the song was recorded by the NuGrape Twins in 1926.

Hear their version by clicking here:

Click on the area that says 3.4MB on right.

Here's what that website says about the song:
Recorded on November 2, 1926. Not much is known about the Nugrape Twins. Based on their few recordings, they might have been a gospel group. This recording may
have been a plug for Nugrape, a soda pop popular in the South similar to Orange
Crush. Only different.

There seem to be infinite verses, none of which scans easily into the tune.

Here's a contemporary version by Mustard's Retreat:

And here's a page with a variety of printed lyrics and chords.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Second Generation Hobos

Chesney and Sylvie at the Vinland Fair talent show some time ago, reading a poem "Sister For Sale."

Chesney and Cotter, April 2009

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Replay patio, 2009

How many times did Hobo's play at Replay?

Chub, Ross, Cotter, Dalton, Cuz, Sue

Kate and Chub

Cotter and Fadra and Chub over her shoulder

Sue's Mexican song!!!

Potluck at Sue and Jim's July 2010

Only photo of John at potluck when he was in town last weekend.

Sorry for all the photos of people chewing

Fadra has a lot of Hobo photos

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Years Ago

Art students and poets
Dalton third from left, Jesse in the center. Others: Siefkes, Munday, Karen and Roberta. Munday and Tom lived in a tar paper covered house on Louisiana Street.

Ray & John

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Billy Jo Hunsinger

Christy and Billy December 2001


1989 at Sue's. Cotter (?), Dalton, Billy, Win