Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vinland Fair

The Vinland Fair's been going on for over 100 years. The Hobos played at a good many of those.
It was everybody's favorite gig.

Fair Buttons
The Seamster's Union makes about 40 pies.
Piemakers in 1990

Sometimes a pie has your name on it.

There were always fresh tomatoes and pie for dinner on Thursdays, plus Hood's famous burgers featuring meat and non-meat.

Selected Hobos also barbecued chicken for dinner for a while,
but vegetarians and people concerned
about the proper cooking temperature of chicken
put a stop to that multitasking.


Kids played in the talent show.
The Hobos had graduated from talent to main feature.

The kids walk in the pet parade and unwary adults are asked to judge the pet parade.
About 1950

For the last few years Joanne's been blogging from the Fair. Click here:

The Smith/Hemphill sisters by Mike Yoder
Mike Yoder's published a picture book of the Fair.
Buy the book here:
See his photos for the Journal World here

Cooks 1990
Piemakers 2009
See Angie Babbit's photos by clicking here: 

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