Monday, July 26, 2010

Nu Grape

The NuGrape song is a Hobo crowd pleaser

A mysterious mix of tune and lyrics that never match up, the song was recorded by the NuGrape Twins in 1926.

Hear their version by clicking here:

Click on the area that says 3.4MB on right.

Here's what that website says about the song:
Recorded on November 2, 1926. Not much is known about the Nugrape Twins. Based on their few recordings, they might have been a gospel group. This recording may
have been a plug for Nugrape, a soda pop popular in the South similar to Orange
Crush. Only different.

There seem to be infinite verses, none of which scans easily into the tune.

Here's a contemporary version by Mustard's Retreat:

And here's a page with a variety of printed lyrics and chords.

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