Friday, October 8, 2010


Knowing Billy was a real treat.

We picked him up at some AA meetings in 1988.

He chose the name Lonesome Hobos for the band, as he liked to use the term hobo music rather than hillbilly music or country and western. His earlier band had been the Drifting Hobos. He also determined how to spell Hobos, which is an alternative, acceptable spelling of Hoboes.

He was eccentric to say the least. You may have forgotten the time he dyed his hair black.

Billy and Joe

We saw a lot less of his teeth

and a lot more of his underwear than we would have liked.

There was the unfortunate incident of Billy in his pajamas in the paper.
Any publicity is good publicity. It's the Hobo way.

He had several favorites of his own composition.
He always played "I'll Take What I Can Get" at weddings.

He saved canned goods. Too bad we never took any pictures of that collection.

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