Monday, August 23, 2010

Wake of the Century

The memorial service for Dalton at Liberty Hall on Sunday was something we won't forget.
Thanks to Janet, Chad, Josh, Tim, Chub and Dalton for putting it on.

Dalton planned the whole thing. He especially wanted us to hear an Elvis song: "Fame and Fortune."
Click here to see a 3 minute video of Elvis from 1960.

And play it often.
He said the first verse was for Janet.
The others for the rest of us.
Chub and Tim played it twice as instructed.

The boys gave eulogies that captured their Dad to perfection.

And captured them to perfection too.
We should all take a bow because we all helped raise them with Dalton and Janet.
Josh said his pop never failed to tell them how proud he was of them. We certainly are.

There was a photo show

A little music

Old friends like Blasdel on the left
And Brenda here.

And a heap of Howards.

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