Friday, August 13, 2010

Zydeco Tougeau

Barry Barnes on the left, Dalton and Tommee Sherwood
Zydeco Tougeau
From the Zydeco Tougeau MySpace page
"Zydeco Tougeau started out & continues to play most of our music on the
corner of 8th and Mass St in downtown Lawrence Kansas. There is a wonderful
feeling that comes from making people stop and dance, smile & visit with
their neighbors. We quickly got hooked on the little kids who dance to our music
on the sidewalk. Thanks everyone who has stopped to listen, given us a smile or
a tip or some applause, played along with us, danced, or just not tried to run
us off! We like playing our music and are happy if someone else enjoys it too!"
Tommee has sent several links to videos on You Tube

Zydeco Tougeau oftens plays on Friday nights at the corner of 8th and Mass.
Barry and Tommee will probably be there tonight.

A Mardi-Gras party at the Percolator Art Gallery

More YouTube videos

The thing about most of these YouTube videos is that the passers-by made the recordings, so one can't thank the sound engineer.

Do a YouTube search for Zydeco Tougeau.

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